Gru 29 2013


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18th of November 2013 were born kittens after

kotkiPedigree of the Litter

More kittens’ photos in Gallery of J liter.

Jamie Lee Curtis



female black mackerel tabby (n 23) option

Julia Roberts



female black silver classic tabby with white (ns 09 22) booked

Johnny Depp



male black classic tabby with white (n 09 22) option

Jack Nicholson



male black smoke with white bicolor (ns 03)

Jerrika Hinton



female black (n) booked

Kitten leaving our home receive all necessary things for first days in new home. Food which it have eaten in our home, bowl, toys and blanket to hold family home smell to make moving easier. New owner receive list with kitten favourite meels and diet, its behaviours and customs. We always sign sell contract with new owner.

Our kittens socialisation is the most important issue in our cattery. Kittens are hold form the first minutes of their life. They are cuddled and stroked. Kittens born in our home are self confident and they like contact with people. We are proud that many owners of our kittens became our friends.

Our kittens leave our home in the age of 3 months. They are twice vaccinated – first vaccination Nobivac Tricat is make in age of 8 weeks, second Merial Purevax RCPCH FeLV in age of 11 weeks. Kittens are dewormed several times. All kittens have microchips. All our cats and kittens have Klub Kota X-treme pedigrees and TICA green slips.

Kittens which are sold not for breeding are spayed.


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